My life in bookmarks

It comes as no surprise when I say that I collect bookmarks. Recently I’ve acquired two very neat and meaningful ones.

The first was a gift from a friend. She went to NYC with her family and, being a former librarian, had to visit the New York Public Library. She surprised me with a gorgeous metal bookmark of the library upon her return!!!

The second is one I purchased today along with my copy of Fever. Keep Calm and… is a growing phrase and I see many parodies on the original phrase everywhere I go. Today I saw “Keep Calm and… have a cupcake”. Instantly I knew I had to have this one, as it could be my personal mantra 😉

Enjoy a little bookmark eye candy…




Happy Book Birthday, Fever!

Hi there! It’s the day I’ve waited nearly a year to arrive: the publication date of Fever, the second book in The Chemical Garden Trilogy by Lauren DeStefano.

I obtained the LAST ARC of Wither at ALA MidWinter last January. I devoured Wither within 3 1/2 days. I was struck by the vivid imagery and original plot. I could not wait for the next novel to be published. Sadly, despite many, many futile attempts, I could not manage to get my hands on an ARC of Fever. And so I waited…

I managed to sneak a very quick trip in to Barnes & Noble his morning and bought a copy of Fever. Oh the gorgeous cover! It’s mine, mine at long last! It was burning a hole the size of an orange grove in my trunk while I was at work today.

Did you pick up a copy of Fever? Have you already read an ARC?

Happy Fever Day & Happy reading everyone!


Literary Valentine’s Ideas

Are you scrambling around for a last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift?

Do you love an English Major, Bibliophile, Writer, or d)all of the above?

This post is for you!

If you have been perfecting your memorization of a sonnet, poem, or a passage for your word-loving sweetheart and want something to go with it try:

1. Gussying up a passage/page that reminds you of your relationship/feelings and frame it.

2. Buying a special or out of the box edition of their favorite work of literature

3. Trolling Etsy for wares related to favorite authors or work of literature

and you can wrap it all up with this idea courtesy of the Queen of Crafting herself…Martha Stewart:

Poetic Wrappings

How cool would it be to print a poem or quote onto the wrapping paper?

I’m still holding out hope for something close to Wentworth’s Letter or Cricket Bell’s speech in Ameoba Records that will be delivered to me verbally this Valentine’s Day.

It’s good to have dreams…

Happy Valentine’s Day!


Chaucer and Valentine’s Day

Tomorrow is the day you either love, dread, or a little of both. February 14th is Valentine’s Day and its earliest mention can be attributed to none other than Geoffrey Chaucer. For those of you unaware of Chaucer’s connection with Valentine’s Day, tomorrow may be a good day to read his poem Parlement of Foules. To distill the story, The appearance of Venus in the poem re-introduces the theme of Love, which is taken up again in the finale movement of the poem, when an assembly of birds comes to celebrate Valentine’s Day by choosing their mates” (p. 94 Dream Visions and Other Poems-Norton).

Specific lines in the poem introduce the customs and theme for the day:

For this was on Seynt Valentynes day/Whan every foul cometh ther to chese his make/….(309-310)

In this line Chaucer attributes Saint Valentine’s day as the appointed day for the birds to choose their mates.

Bad every foul to take his owne place/As they were won alwey fro yeer to yere,/Seynt Valentynes day, to stonden there(320-322).

The above lines affirm the continuous choosing of mates from year to year that the birds will partake in.

Essentially, this Hallmark holiday is all Chaucer’s fault. What started with fouls moved on into the human world and there you have it!

There are mentions of Valentine’s Day in The Legend of Good Women, also by Chaucer, but it is the aforementioned lines in Parlement of Fouls that is most commonly associated as the origin of the holiday.

Happy Seynt Valentyne’s Day everyone!




Month of Letters Challenge-Update

Hi all,

Have you challenged yourself to send 24 pieces of mail during the month of February after my post? So far, with a couple of hiccups, I have been successful! I have one piece of mail out per day. I did have to double up today to account for Saturday and Monday (I had an exceptionally busy weekend), but I am glad I am not behind.

I went to Michaels twice this weekend and stocked up on card making materials. I did forget to get flat cards for post cards and some colored stamp pads but I will pick those up soon. I am excited to add card making into the challenge and I hope my friends and family will be surprised when they have a handmade card created by yours truly in their mailbox!

A few tips to help you complete this challenge:

1. Make a list of 24 people you would like to send mail to. This makes it easier to plan out what days you want to mail things out. All the better if you know people with February birthdays!

2. Prepare your cards/postcards/etc. the night before you mail them. If your mornings are crazy (like mine are) it makes it quicker to just pop it in the mailbox rather than getting everything ready along with your morning routine.

I’ m also finalizing my adapted version of this challenge for work. I am so excited!

Happy Letter Writing!

The month of Letters Challenge for February

Happy February everyone! I came across this link via Media Bistro about Reviving the art of letter writing in February, and I thought it would be a worthwhile challenge to partake it. I love sending and receiving mail and I feel in today’s world with everything being digitized, we lose some of the wonder and personal touches a hand written letter brings. So, for the month of February, I am going to send 24 pieces of mail, as this challenge states. Today I am going to send a thank-you note out to someone who recently gifted me a couple of items. I’ll also make a list of who I can send things to, and ideas of what to send (recipes, postcards, pictures, valentines, etc). I can’t wait to hear about how my letters brought a smile to people’s faces, and even get some mail myself! 😉

I even sent out a mass email at work yesterday asking everyone in various departments to participate as well in an adapted challenge. So far one department has responded they will do it! Yay!

Will you participate in this challenge? Who will you write to? What will you send? Happy mailing!