Literary Valentine’s Ideas

Are you scrambling around for a last-minute Valentine’s Day Gift?

Do you love an English Major, Bibliophile, Writer, or d)all of the above?

This post is for you!

If you have been perfecting your memorization of a sonnet, poem, or a passage for your word-loving sweetheart and want something to go with it try:

1. Gussying up a passage/page that reminds you of your relationship/feelings and frame it.

2. Buying a special or out of the box edition of their favorite work of literature

3. Trolling Etsy for wares related to favorite authors or work of literature

and you can wrap it all up with this idea courtesy of the Queen of Crafting herself…Martha Stewart:

Poetic Wrappings

How cool would it be to print a poem or quote onto the wrapping paper?

I’m still holding out hope for something close to Wentworth’s Letter or Cricket Bell’s speech in Ameoba Records that will be delivered to me verbally this Valentine’s Day.

It’s good to have dreams…

Happy Valentine’s Day!



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