Month of Letters Challenge-Update

Hi all,

Have you challenged yourself to send 24 pieces of mail during the month of February after my post? So far, with a couple of hiccups, I have been successful! I have one piece of mail out per day. I did have to double up today to account for Saturday and Monday (I had an exceptionally busy weekend), but I am glad I am not behind.

I went to Michaels twice this weekend and stocked up on card making materials. I did forget to get flat cards for post cards and some colored stamp pads but I will pick those up soon. I am excited to add card making into the challenge and I hope my friends and family will be surprised when they have a handmade card created by yours truly in their mailbox!

A few tips to help you complete this challenge:

1. Make a list of 24 people you would like to send mail to. This makes it easier to plan out what days you want to mail things out. All the better if you know people with February birthdays!

2. Prepare your cards/postcards/etc. the night before you mail them. If your mornings are crazy (like mine are) it makes it quicker to just pop it in the mailbox rather than getting everything ready along with your morning routine.

I’ m also finalizing my adapted version of this challenge for work. I am so excited!

Happy Letter Writing!


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