The month of Letters Challenge for February

Happy February everyone! I came across this link via Media Bistro about Reviving the art of letter writing in February, and I thought it would be a worthwhile challenge to partake it. I love sending and receiving mail and I feel in today’s world with everything being digitized, we lose some of the wonder and personal touches a hand written letter brings. So, for the month of February, I am going to send 24 pieces of mail, as this challenge states. Today I am going to send a thank-you note out to someone who recently gifted me a couple of items. I’ll also make a list of who I can send things to, and ideas of what to send (recipes, postcards, pictures, valentines, etc). I can’t wait to hear about how my letters brought a smile to people’s faces, and even get some mail myself! 😉

I even sent out a mass email at work yesterday asking everyone in various departments to participate as well in an adapted challenge. So far one department has responded they will do it! Yay!

Will you participate in this challenge? Who will you write to? What will you send? Happy mailing!


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