Book Review: The Red Queen by Philippa Gregory

Let this review serve as proof that I don’t read solely YA! Though it is okay if that is all YOU read! 😉 I bought this book a year ago when it was published but for one reason or another, had pushed back against reading it. I finally started in October, though it took me two months to read.

In the second novel in her “The Cousin’s War” Series, Philippa Gregory highlights the life of child-bride Margaret Beaufort, a pious girl who aspires to be mother to the future king of England. She is of course, a true historical figure, one I knew nothing about. I did not really understand her obsession with Joan of Arc but I found her religiosity refreshing and inspiring.

Once I got into this novel, boy did it engulf me. The treachery, the using women as pawns, marriage as a business agreement wow! I was really enthralled with the covert romance between Margaret and  her brother-in-law Jasper Tutor. Oh how I wished these two could finally get together! Sadly, they did not, but wow if what they had wasn’t a perfect example of courtly love! Swoon!

I enjoyed the novel to the end, and had hoped it was much longer and we saw Lady Margaret age more with her son finally on the throne, but it was not to be. I did pick up The Lady of the Rivers, which is staring at me and waiting to be read. I love Philippa Gregory and this is yet another shining example of her excellent research and storytelling abilities.


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