Book Review: Clockwork Prince by Cassandra Clare

Oh, The Infernal Devices, how I love you so! I ate up Clockwork Angel this summer, and eagerly anticipated the second book in the trilogy. Thanks to a nice new friend I made while at Comic Con, I did get a sampler of CP before they ran out.  December 6 was highlighted in every calendar I could highlight. I needed to know more about Tessa, Will, Jem and the Institute.

Cassandra Clare knows how to build a world that sucks you in. The laser precision imagery makes you feel like you are right there in Victorian London with the characters. It makes me ache to live in that world and time period. This is the book where choices are made that you did not see coming. Secrets unravel and the past explodes in your face. There are heartbreaking, earth and soul shattering moments throughout, each one hurts more than the last. And when you think you can’t hurt anymore, it’s over. The cliffhanger is subtle, in my opinion, but opens up a huge chasm of possibility for Clockwork Princess.

I bonded more with Tessa in this book. I’m a little perturbed that we STILL don’t know exactly what Tessa is but a secret about her family life is revealed that I did not see coming. Tessa still aches for her brother Nate who is in thick with Mortmain and Company. I’m glad she lets him go, both literally and figuratively. I really really wanted her to tell Will she still had feelings for him. Her relationship with Jem was a little forced for me and not as organic and real as her feelings are for Will.

Will, oh my dear Will. How you suffer throughout this novel several times over! How cruel the past has been! How cruel might the future be! We see more of Will, who he is, and why he is so horrible to everyone around him at the institute. Instead of making me hate him for this, it only makes the reader love him. His confession to Tessa was the most bittersweet thing I had ever heard in my life. It brought me back to Wentworth’s letter in Jane Austen’s Persuasion and I cried just as much. I don’t know if I can bear to read Clockwork Princess with the suffering Will endures now. It’s too much for my Will-loving heart to bear!

Jem. Good and sweet Jem. Reliable and steadfast Jem. I really liked the initial stolen dalliance with you and Tessa, but that’s all I really thought it was, a dalliance. I love you, don’t get me wrong, I just don’t love you and Tessa together. I do feel sorry for you and that I think something terrible may happen to you in Clockwork Princess. I just don’t really get how you could possibly not know that your own Parabatai had feelings for Tessa! I think you are a good friendly balance for her, but I don’t really think you will get married. sorry.

I really liked the new characters introduced into CP and the masquerade ball scene was to DIE for. Absolutely brilliant and mesmerizing in a million ways and for a million reasons. Sigh.

This book had me so torn and emotionally invested I had to stop reading it at night before bed. I would be up into all hours of the night pondering the twists and turns and soul wrenching heartache. I have some terrible hunches about CP2, terrible, awful, can’t-believe-I-am-thinking-this hunches. I hope that none of them actually happen!

Once again, thank you Cassandra Clare for writing this book. My only complaint to you is that you please don’t end it with Clockwork Princess, consider making it  a six book series! I won’t be satisfied unless CP2 is 1200 pages! 🙂


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