Book Review: Beautiful Chaos by Kami Garcia and Margarert Stohl

Beautiful Chaos is the third book in the wildly popular Caster Chronicles series by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. I burned through the first two books within the month of April and it was a long wait for Beautiful Chaos, which launched in October 2011. It was preceded by the e-book Dream Dark that told of Link’s newfound troubles after becoming a Linkubus. B. Chaos started like a conversation with an old reliable friend, in this case with the town of Gatlin, that now was plagued by even stranger occurrences than in the last two installments.

Within the first hundred pages I had this horrible sense of dread. I formed a terrible hunch (which I won’t spoil you with here for those who have yet to read this), which I had hoped was wrong. I tried to put this hunch out of my mind as I raced through the pages, found out more about Liv, John Breed, Ethan, Lena, and even the dead Macon Ravenwood.

There are way too many subplots and passages to highlight here but once again Garcia and Stohl have written another novel that is completely up to par or slighly better than the first two books, which is hard to do. There was so much going on, a lot of it I had to re-read, but it all slowly steeped with layers upon layers of meaning. There is a significant death that was very poignant and I wish we knew more before this character died. Ethan’s mom returns and every time she did, I shed copious tears.

Now back to my hunch. In a way, THANK THE GREATS I WAS WRONG!!!!! DEAD wrong. On the other hand- ARE YOU SERIOUS!!?!?!?!?! I couldn’t believe the cliffhanger. No, it’s impossible, I refuse to believe the possibility of this death. I think that the great barrier will appear again in the fourth novel if what happens in the cliffhanger really did happen. I am still in shock months later. IN SHOCK!

I will say that I now love John Breed. You hate him in Beautiful Darkness and you fall in love with him in Beautiful Chaos. One scene changed my heart and mind completely, John Breed, pardon my french, is a complete bad ass. Love him! Want more of him! Love him even more before the cliffhanger that shall not be named happened!

What were your thoughts of Beautiful Chaos? I am now desperately waiting for untitled, fourth, and *gulp* final installment from Garcia and Stohl. As much as I want to read it now, it pains me to know the end is near.


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