Reading Challenge: A Year full of Dickens!

2012 is finally here and February 7 marks the two hundredth anniversary of Charles Dickens’ birth. In honor of Dickens, I am proposing a reading challenge to read one Dickens work per month. A few of my close friends will be joining me (at their own pace, and not for the entire year) and I welcome you, reader, to do so as well. You can follow my challenge all year or just the months/works that interest you. The problem now lies in which of Dickens works to choose! I took a seminar in Dickens work in graduate school and it was one of my top three favorite seminars. We read: Bleak House, David Copperfield, Oliver Twist, Great Expectations, and The Old Curiosity Shop. Bleak House is my absolute favorite and I’ve decided to start my Dickens challenge with it for the January Selection. Not surprisingly, A Christmas Carol will be December’s selection. I may have a poll to see what work we should read each month before the end of each month. I cannot wait to return to Victorian London!

Will you be reading Dickens this year? Which works? Happy Reading!


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