Book Review- Legend by Marie Lu

Legend was another book I was desperately after during my time at Comic Con 2011, but sadly the Penguin booth was out of copies by the time I got there. Luckily, my friend who works for Penguin sent me an ARC. I started Legend in August and barely 30 pages in, I had a scare. My teething kitten got to the cover and teethed all over the corner. I’m completely anal about my books so I was NOT happy about that. I ended up tweeting a picture of the damage to Marie Lu and she thought it was funny. Now on to the review.

I had heard a lot of buzz that Legend was THE dystopian to read this year and there was nothing else like it. I knew from page one, that this was not your cookie cutter dystopian, if there is such a type of dystopian that is cookie cutter. I love that the point of view shifted back and forth between Day and June. I really liked both characters and that neither were flat or uninteresting. June is a great strong feminist heroine and I cannot wait to see her develop in the next two books. Day had so many amazing layers to him that I found myself more drawn to him then June in some parts. The twists and turns in the plot that I will keep from divulging left me breathless. There were many facets of betrayal and secrets that were mind-boggling and really added and pushed the story along.

I think the buzz and hype of Legend was worth it. It has a fresh setting and concept. The characters are fleshed out really well and I liked the dynamic between Tess and Day the most. I did feel that June and Day’s attraction was too instantaneous and rushed but the jail scene at the end validated it more for me.

Overall this was an enjoyable read and it has its own place in the white-hot dystopian YA genre. It was a slow start for  me but 100 pages in I could not put the book down or turn the pages fast enough. Thank you so much to my friend for providing this. I cannot wait to see how this trilogy progresses and will be awaiting Legend #2.

If you liked Hunger Games, Divergent, and love dystopian, read Legend!


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