Book Review: Eve By Anna Carey

Eve was one of 6 or 7 books I picked up on the last day of Comic Con 2011. I had the opportunity to meet Anna Carey at a signing after the High School Bites panel. I was unfamiliar with Carey until Eve was pressed in my hand but Carey was very pleasant to talk to as she signed my copy. 

I read Eve a few months ago and have heard it compared to Hunger Game and The Handmaid’s Tale. While it is obviously dystopian, both books are in very separate castes. 

I really enjoyed the California, New America setting where Eve takes place. The pacing is a bit slow in parts, which made it hard to become completely engrossed in but it was a great payoff a the end. I had a love/hate relationship with Eve herself, she annoyed me a lot and I felt that Carey had not rounded her out as a character as much as she did for Caleb and Arden. However, the further on in the book I got, I came to the hypothesis that Carey purposely leaves Eve the character to be flat because of her sheltered nature and upbringing.

I fell in love with Caleb before Eve did, the swoon-worthy blonde who rescues and shelters her. while he is not Peeta (who is, really?) he was a refreshing take on the cute hero type popping up in dystopians lately. I am interested to see what their relationship evolves into in subsequent books.

I very rarely cry when I read books ( can count the amount of books i have shed tears while reading on one hand) but I did tear up at the end of Eve. I’ll be spoiler-less and not elaborate.

I cannot wait until the next installment and hope for an even stronger second book in this fresh trilogy!

If you liked Hunger Games, and you ate up Wither, try Eve! 


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