Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie

Of all the books I read in 2010, Matched was probably my favorite. I raced through the book mesmerized by the poetic language of Ally Condie. When I heard Matched was the first in a trilogy, I quickly became obsessed with the second installment. I had the pleasure of meeting Ally at a signing at the LA Times Festival of Books this past April. I did ask Ally if the second book would feature more with Xander. She said that the second installment would not have a lot of Xander but the THIRD would make up for that. EEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I later talked to my friend who works for Penguin as she had already read Crossed. She said of Crossed “I was Team Ky but then something happened that I went to Team Xander”, that statement haunted and delighted me and I made it my goal to get an ARC of Crossed. This long diatribe does have a point as my friend and I waited and started a line 40 minutes before the ARCS of Crossed were to be handed out. I had never seen an ARC more beautiful than Crossed, which featured the actual cover that would be used in the final printing.

I tore into Crossed shortly after I got it. If you read my post on Eve, you would know I don’t usually cry when I read. Crossed had me crying on page 36 or so. It was a lot slower than Matched, almost painfully slower in parts but the beautiful language made up for it. I never thought that Cassia would meet up with Ky and I was not happy when they did-sorry I’m Team Xander all the way! Once they met up, wow. I can’t even go into the emotions that happened after several revelations. I now LOATHE Ky, absolutely loathe him. I understand why he did what he did (keeping it non-spoilery here) but as I type this, I am still incensed by his actions.

With that said, I cannot wait to dive more into the Rebels and the uprising and if my suspicions about Xander’s role in all of it ring true. When I reached halfway through the novel I really got into Crossed and could not put it down. Ally Condie is a master of description and her picturesque fine comb detail of the Outer Realms and the Cavern was amazing. I am now giddy with anticipation and excitement about the third and final novel in the trilogy. I assume the cover will be red (to symbolize the last pill and color that hasn’t been featured on the cover thus far). I cannot even wait to find out the name of the title! I try to daydream possible titles but they all don’t seem to work. I’m actually embarrassed to admit that so I won’t be putting my title thoughts here.

Here’s to hoping we get news on part 3 soon and that November 2012 comes quickly!

Happy reading!


One thought on “Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie

  1. Ermilia says:

    Matched is in my TBR pile. I’d have started reading it, but I’m using it for a reading challenge in 2012. I’m thrilled to see so many good reviews for it and it’s sequel. It’s amazing you got to meet her!

    Happy reading! Are you participating in any Goodreads challenges?
    -Eliabeth Hawthorne

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