The books that have impacted me so much, they are a must to re-read!

For the past few years I have been not re-read anything. I have been focused on reading books for the first time. If you have read my post entitled October Reading Goals (which I should have titled Fall Reading Goals), you know there are some re-reads on the list (mostly Austen). In order for me to re-read a book I need  a specific reason, eg. the next in the series or last in such is coming out, a film adaptation is coming out, or I want to do a project/research on it. A book I read in the Fall of 2009 has impacted me so much it will always be high on the top of my re-read list.

That book is The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox. I read it during a bout with Swine flu. All 600 pages flew by in a week. I have never craved a book so much as I craved this book while reading it and still crave it today. If Charles Dickens and A Bronte Sister had a love child who wrote, that child would be Michael Cox. Let me continue by saying it is NOT a pastiche, but a brilliant masterpiece set in Victorian London that is so masterful it could have been written during the time of Dickens and other Victorian writers.

The plot alone has so many twists and turns. I still giggle at the awesomeness of the first line which tells of a murderer’s actions after he murders a man for the first time. I giggle because the line is so sadistically preposterous and such a gripping way to being a novel. I daydream about reading this novel again, though I got a second copy since i did have swine flu all over the first one and I am planing an article of literary criticism based on this book and need one to read and one to mark up.

Sigh…I need to get back to Edward Glover, stat!


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