Superb TV Writing and Why I miss Friends (the tv show)

While channel surfing this weekend I stumbled upon some old episodes of Friends. I won’t begin to date myself with how young I was/wasn’t when the episodes I watched aired but it was the birthday episode where Rachel’s parents were newly separated and when Ross’ ex-wife married her partner. I had forgotten how powerful this show was to my generation and how good it was!

An hour in, I was blown away by a new-found respect for the writers of Friends. They really were ahead of their time in situation and comedic writing, especially in the wedding episode. The lines were well planned and timed out, especially for comedic response. The dialogue was fresh and witty, and still relevant! Folks, they just don’t make tv shows like that anymore!

When I think of superb examples of Television writing I think of Friends and Gilmore Girls. Those are the two paragons I have in my head. Sure Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family are very well done, but sometimes the best writing has already been produced and gone off into the syndication sunset.


One thought on “Superb TV Writing and Why I miss Friends (the tv show)

  1. Lucy says:

    Friends is probably my all-time favorite show. I think it holds up very well too. I’ve heard so many good things about Gilmore Girls. I guess I’m missing out that I haven’t watched that series yet. Modern Family is pretty funny. I loved their Halloween episode last year.

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