On reading tears and lulls

I’ve always been an avid reader but I have noticed my reading habits change after both my undergraduate and graduate degree programs. I assume what I am about to divulges is pretty standard. It took me a while to read again after completing both degrees. I was completely burned out of reading. I remember buying Wicked during the summer after I graduated college and taking a long time to read it because I was so burned out. The same thing, on a heightened level happened after graduate school. I simply did not read for months. I felt like my brain had to calm down and re program to read for pleasure.

Now I usually read at least a book per month but I do go on reading tears where I can’t get enough reading done. This varies due to my job searching, work schedule, and daily life. I try to carve out an hour to read each night, and more on the weekends, but somehow it never seems enough. I am in awe of people who are able to read whole books in a day. I don’t know if I could do that because I really want to savor and court the book I am reading.

On the other hand, I also go through lulls where I am too tired or too busy to read. I have a never-ending stack of books in my bedroom and closet that wait to be read. I have a constantly growing to-read list that I don’t think I will ever finish, maybe that is a good thing!

Do you have the same problem as I have? Do you have any suggestions for me?


Happy Reading!


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