My first Audiobook!

I downloaded a free audiobook tonight. Thanks to Kami Garcia, who tweeted about White Cat by Holly Black being a free audio book via Random House. It took forever to download but I now have it in my itunes! I have no idea what this book is even about but I heard Holly Black is a superb author and White Cat is a must- read. My question to you is this: Do you read the books first and then listen to them or are there some books that you just listen to?

What audiobooks ahve you downloaded lately?

Happy Monday!


5 thoughts on “My first Audiobook!

  1. I am currently listening to The Night Circus which is narrated by Jim Dale. Pretty much anything by Jim Dale of Katherine Kellgren will be a hit. They are both phenomenal narrators.

  2. In our household we like to do a mixture of reading the book along with listening to the audio version. I was never a big fan of audio books, owing to the fact that I use to find myself tuning them out most of the time, but nowadays I’ve begun to enjoy them. My significant other swears by them. He has problems focusing on the small print in the paper bound versions. 🐱

  3. Lucy says:

    It depends. I do like to listen to my favorite books in audio format after I’ve first read the book. For example, this was the case with Divergent, Delirium and Anna and the French Kiss. But, I’ll also choose to listen to an audiobook if it’s read by someone I like or it’s full-cast, etc. The Help and Ready Player One are both books that I’ve only listened to in audio format and that are very well done.
    I think I downloaded White Cat from that site before my computer died. I’ll have to try and get it again!
    Glad you’re trying out audiobooks. Hope you’ll write a review to document the experience 🙂

  4. Aly- did you read The Night Circus first or are you just listening to the audio?

    Lucy, I have White Cat if you want/need it. I will definitely review the experience when I have finished it! 🙂

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