Why I don’t have Beautiful Chaos in my possession…yet

Yesterday was a big day in YA fiction releases. I had been waiting since April for the release of Beautiful Chaos, the third book in the Caster Chronicles series. Three weeks ago I preordered it with the latest Philippa Gregory release. Due to Barnes and Noble’s LESS THAN STELLAR shipping policies, my copies of BOTH books are not due to be delivered until the 23rd. I’m so mad at B&N I will NEVER Preorder ANYTHING from their online store EVER AGAIN!!!!!!!!

Riddle me this: what is the point of an online preorder if you can’t even get the books on time? AMAZON doesn’t have such issues! I called Barnes and Noble and the customer service rep informed me the books will ship when they get to the warehouse and would be delivered between 10/20-10/27. This is a reasonable explanation, but it doesn’t help me to get the books a week later. I even tweeted customer service again and they told me the same thing the customer service rep told me and did not look into my order or provide me any sympathy or help or concern.

At a time where Borders has closed forever, Indie bookstores are fighting tooth and nail to stay open, and Barnes & Noble is the last chain bookstore standing you would THINK that they would put more effort into their online store and online customer service.

In the future I will only deal with B&N via their storefronts, in which ALL my business with them HAS been stellar. I even have a friend who works for B&N and I will support him and his local branch. What I will not support is an online storefront that is so problematic and sub par. It’s no wonder that amazon does the business they do.


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