Why I just might end my Twilight Boycott and See Breaking Dawn Part 1

I’m not a twihard. I was one, once, for a brief moment in time. Most people don’t get why I like and hate Twilight in the same breath. I commend Stephenie Meyer for her amazing tale and the world she created, but I loathe the syntactical nightmare her execution of her tale/world. Twilight should have NEVER been published in what was its final edited form. It was so poorly edited the editor should be ashamed. The content is problematic as well (google the words Edward Cullen and feminist) but the love story and the resurrection (haha pun intended) of the vampire genre was brilliant.

I did read, in rapid succession, all four Twilight novels. I saw the first movie and couldn’t continue my interest to deal with seeing the other two. I really liked Breaking Dawn though. It featured better writing and editing as well as plot and character growth. It is my favorite of the four, if I had to choose. So for these reasons, I just might buy a ticket and some junior mints to take in Breaking Dawn, part 1.

Please forgive me Twihards, Peeta, Xander, and Ethan have stolen my heart in ways both Jacob and Edward never had it in the first place.


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