Literature finds on Etsy- super awesome find!

Etsy is a book lovers dream. It’s where I found my Chaucer Portrait Pendant and my friend got me a “Book Geek” necklace. I am constantly finding, and subsequently bookmarking hundreds of amazing literature based gifts.

Last night while pondering how to personalize my office space I found these Book Page Pencils from a shop called Bouncin Ball Creations. OMG Shakespeare! Wuthering Heights! Maybe its a Harry Potter pencil that tickles your fancy! They even have CUSTOM orders! You can even specify the quote or the passage that you want featured on the pencils! Ahh!!!!!!!!!!

I barely use pencils anymore but these may need to come home to me! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Literature finds on Etsy- super awesome find!

  1. Nick Chevalier says:

    Haha, my girlfriend loves Etsy…but as a Lit major, I’ll have to check some of this stuff out 🙂

  2. watermemory says:

    These are fantastic. I love Etsy for those little one-off finds. And just when I’ve run out of sketching pencils, too *whistles innocently*..

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