Audio Books, a foreign frontier (for me anyway)

As a book lover, I should be more open to books in all forms. You all know by know my aversion to e-reading. Sadly, I must also divulge that I have yet to listen to a book. I think it has to do with the fact that reading is such a focused and solitary pastime and I like to listen to music as much as I can, especially live radio, to feel like I am connecting with people outside.

I have a friend who listened to the Hunger Games on cd while driving on a road trip with family. She also listens to books while cleaning. I usually have Pandora on when I clean. I think she is on to something I need to get into! She also made a comment about listening to Twilight and saying she could barely take how “sparkly” and “beautiful” Edward was described as in copious lines. haha!

I once tried to listen to a podcast on The Canterbury Tales. The narrator’s voice was so nauseating I couldn’t continue. However, I hear that my celebrity “boyfriend” Donnie Wahlberg, narrates the audio version of The Town. Now THAT is an audio book experience I can definitely indulge in!

So readers, do you listen to audio books? How does it change/ enhance your reading experience of a book?


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