Announcing Kitten’s blogging debut!

Cats and reading have gone hand in hand for quite some time. Both of my boy cats would curl up with me as I read. In fact, my dearly departed boy cat loved all my medieval books. He used Chaucer as a pillow and Boccaccio as a chin rest. He had an interesting fascination with Dante as well. Sadly, he passed before social networking was the massive form of communication that it is now or he would definitely have his own twitter account.

As you well know from my twitter, I know have “kitten”, my insane 1-year-old little tuxedo. My college friend has a fantastic blog where her cats review books, see What the Cat Read for more details. In a surprising twist during a thread tonight, I am happy to announce that Kitten will be doing her first blog and book review! Let’s hope it doesn’t go the same way  as her “review” of my ARC of Marie Lu, which resulted in a time-out (see photo below). Look for Kitten’s review soon! Meow!


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