WordPress App finally gets it right!

I’ve had the WordPress app on my iphone since I launched my blog. For many months (including during my trip to LATFOB) the app was completely useless and crashed when I opened it. Then a little while ago WordPress had an upgrade that was mind -blowing. THe app worked. The stats were showing (this was a huge irritation for me). It had a clean, user-friendly interface and you can even add a photo to your post right from the app!

This update was huge for me. It is going to make my life easier and my blogging even better, especially when I take my literary “field trips” and don’t want to wait until I get home to blog. It will be especially helpful when I go to LATFOB this year. I’ll finally be able to blog from my hotel room on my phone and not worry about leaving my laptop at home.

Thank you WordPress for finally getting your app up to speed!


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