The books that have impacted me so much, they are a must to re-read!

For the past few years I have been not re-read anything. I have been focused on reading books for the first time. If you have read my post entitled October Reading Goals (which I should have titled Fall Reading Goals), you know there are some re-reads on the list (mostly Austen). In order for me to re-read a book I need  a specific reason, eg. the next in the series or last in such is coming out, a film adaptation is coming out, or I want to do a project/research on it. A book I read in the Fall of 2009 has impacted me so much it will always be high on the top of my re-read list.

That book is The Meaning of Night by Michael Cox. I read it during a bout with Swine flu. All 600 pages flew by in a week. I have never craved a book so much as I craved this book while reading it and still crave it today. If Charles Dickens and A Bronte Sister had a love child who wrote, that child would be Michael Cox. Let me continue by saying it is NOT a pastiche, but a brilliant masterpiece set in Victorian London that is so masterful it could have been written during the time of Dickens and other Victorian writers.

The plot alone has so many twists and turns. I still giggle at the awesomeness of the first line which tells of a murderer’s actions after he murders a man for the first time. I giggle because the line is so sadistically preposterous and such a gripping way to being a novel. I daydream about reading this novel again, though I got a second copy since i did have swine flu all over the first one and I am planing an article of literary criticism based on this book and need one to read and one to mark up.

Sigh…I need to get back to Edward Glover, stat!


Superb TV Writing and Why I miss Friends (the tv show)

While channel surfing this weekend I stumbled upon some old episodes of Friends. I won’t begin to date myself with how young I was/wasn’t when the episodes I watched aired but it was the birthday episode where Rachel’s parents were newly separated and when Ross’ ex-wife married her partner. I had forgotten how powerful this show was to my generation and how good it was!

An hour in, I was blown away by a new-found respect for the writers of Friends. They really were ahead of their time in situation and comedic writing, especially in the wedding episode. The lines were well planned and timed out, especially for comedic response. The dialogue was fresh and witty, and still relevant! Folks, they just don’t make tv shows like that anymore!

When I think of superb examples of Television writing I think of Friends and Gilmore Girls. Those are the two paragons I have in my head. Sure Grey’s Anatomy, Modern Family are very well done, but sometimes the best writing has already been produced and gone off into the syndication sunset.

On reading tears and lulls

I’ve always been an avid reader but I have noticed my reading habits change after both my undergraduate and graduate degree programs. I assume what I am about to divulges is pretty standard. It took me a while to read again after completing both degrees. I was completely burned out of reading. I remember buying Wicked during the summer after I graduated college and taking a long time to read it because I was so burned out. The same thing, on a heightened level happened after graduate school. I simply did not read for months. I felt like my brain had to calm down and re program to read for pleasure.

Now I usually read at least a book per month but I do go on reading tears where I can’t get enough reading done. This varies due to my job searching, work schedule, and daily life. I try to carve out an hour to read each night, and more on the weekends, but somehow it never seems enough. I am in awe of people who are able to read whole books in a day. I don’t know if I could do that because I really want to savor and court the book I am reading.

On the other hand, I also go through lulls where I am too tired or too busy to read. I have a never-ending stack of books in my bedroom and closet that wait to be read. I have a constantly growing to-read list that I don’t think I will ever finish, maybe that is a good thing!

Do you have the same problem as I have? Do you have any suggestions for me?


Happy Reading!

Once Upon a Time Review

I had been anticipating ‘Once Upon a Time’ since I first heard of it this spring. The idea of a television show revolving around fairy tale characters seemed to good to be true. I am sure there are people who wouldn’t be open to this concept but I am not one of them. It was an agonizing wait to get to October 23rd when the series premiered. With that said, here are my thoughts on the first episode:


The story blended very well between the fairy tale pre-curse and post curse worlds. I thought Ginnifer Goodwin was amazing as Snow White/Teacher. I did have some trouble identifying Jiminy Cricket until there was a line that pointed him out in an obvious manner. The introductions to Granny, Little Red Riding Hood, and Rumpelstiltskin were subtle and fabulous.

I am a little perplexed if Emma Swan and Henry are based on actual fairy tale characters or fictional characters. Can anyone answer this for me? Jennifer Morrison was good as Emma Swan but I wasn’t completely convinced of her character and her place in the world. Perhaps a few more episodes will solidify this for me.

Overall, I thought it was quite good and I am interested in seeing how other episodes hold up. I am also interested in Grimm, which debuts this Friday, October 28.


Let the fairy tale television show smack down begin!

My first Audiobook!

I downloaded a free audiobook tonight. Thanks to Kami Garcia, who tweeted about White Cat by Holly Black being a free audio book via Random House. It took forever to download but I now have it in my itunes! I have no idea what this book is even about but I heard Holly Black is a superb author and White Cat is a must- read. My question to you is this: Do you read the books first and then listen to them or are there some books that you just listen to?

What audiobooks ahve you downloaded lately?

Happy Monday!

Descending into Beautiful Chaos

It’s here! After my uncharacteristic meltdown over the delivery date of the books I ordered, my copy of Beautiful Chaos arrived yesterday afternoon while I was at work. I started it last night and am currently 125 pages into it. Oh how I missed the beautiful world of Gatlin, Casters and Mortals, etc.

I have a heartbreaking hunch about the end of this book already, and I hope I’m dead wrong about it. :/

More to come later, but look at how pretty it is!!!!


Books and Weddings married together

I’ve seen a lot of bookish touches to weddings lately. Whether the centerpieces feautred vintage books or tables were named after favorite pieces of literature, there are some awesome ties to book and weddings. I’m currently unmarried but if and when I do marry, it has to have a literature theme or touches. It’s completely non-negotiable! 🙂

Today I had this post from The Perpetual Page-turnerin my reader. Not only are her save the date’s beautiful, pay special attention to the bookish ones described later in the blog. The library card ones are genius, as is the bookmark. sigh… what bookish touches have you seen at weddings recently?