A Literary Birthday

My birthday was earlier this summer and I am happy to report it did, of course, have several literary touches. I celebrated my birthday with several gatherings, but my lovely grad school friends (who all hold M.A.’s in Children’s Literature) organized a birthday tea party for me! It was a great way to relax, chatter, and plan the rest of our summer dalliances. Among the lovely gifts I recieved, many were book related! I recieved some Barnes & Noble Gift Cards (finally I can acutally BUY books). The ‘cutest’ book-related present award goes to my friend Ellen who gifted me with this awesome ‘Book Geek’ necklace. Now I have something bookish to wear to literature events, score!

In addition to the stellar necklace I was gifted this by my dear friend and partner-in-crime (literature-based crime anyway). I have drooled over the Coralie Bickford-Smith Penguin Classic Collection for quite some time now and I am thrilled to finally have one! Wuthering Heights is so special to me and I am elated to have it as my first in a (hopefully) larger collection!

The tea room was adorable and Victorian-inspired. This is the quote above the doorway:

All in all it was a fantastic birthday and I was quite a happy book nerd!


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