Medieval May

Happy May Everyone!

I’ve been waiting for May for a few weeks now because of this challenge I am giving myself. I have been devouring all sorts of YA literature, most specifically dystopian and fantasy title and I wanted to get back to my roots. I have not read anything Medieval in quite some time and I miss it very much. Don’t misunderstand me with that statement, I have read a lot, just not in my specialization. For May I have challenged myself to brush up on my Medieval history and read pieces of literature I did not read in graduate school.

My first Medieval May reading will be What is Medieval History?  by John H. Arnold. It was recommended to me by a twitter friend and I am eager to begin it.

I have not completely mapped out my reading for the month but I’d like to aspire to these picks:

1. The Mabinogian

2. Christine de Pizan

3. Arthurian Legend

4. Celtic or Norse Saga

If you have any suggestions for me, please let me know. My interests range from British, Italian, and Spanish Medieval Literature and my specialization is in British Literature. I have decided not to read Chaucer this time as I have read and studied him so much. I would like to broaden my choices for reading and delve into new (to me) authors.  Stay tuned for my picks and thoughts on them as I read my way through May!



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