March Reading Recap

Hello! I am finally in a place to a bit of blogging…though nothing too regimented yet! I’ve been reading a lot and would like to share what I read in March!

1. The Hunger Games Trilogy I am beyond obsessed with this series now! I cannot believe I resisted and took so long to read it! I want the set with all three books in hardcover-badly

2. Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later – I waited months for this book and I enjoyed the campyness and the nostalgia

3. Wither– This is an amazing dystopian debut novel. I cannot wait for the second book out next Spring!

My goal in March was to read a book a week and I was pretty successful with that. I had been in a reading rut lately: not wanting to read, overwhelmed with what to read, not carving out enough time to read, etc., and I wanted to change that for March. I did start Across the Universe as well but I *gasp* abandoned it after 130 pages, more on why I did that later!

Did you have any reading goals? Did you meet them? Happy Reading everyone!


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