April Reading Goals

I’m 10 days and nearly one book into April at the moment and I thought I’d take the time to talk about my reading habits. I had a quick twitter conversation about making reading schedules and thought it might be an interesting topic to blog about. For the past month, (see my last post) I’ve been making a list of what to read and when. I have acquired so many books since January that I want to read, and I feel scheduling books will be the only way this gets done. In addition, I’m usually reading books along with my best friend from graduate school/literary soul mate, and our list is quite long! Here is the first draft of my April reading list:

1. Water for Elephants– I can’t wait to see the movie!

2. The Maze Runner– at the behest of my gs bestie

3. The Scorch Trials– also at behest of gs bestie

4. Clockwork Angel– to sate the Victorianist in me

5. One abandoned book

It occurred to me last week that this list is completely impossible, due to my upcoming trek to the LA Times Festival of Books. The above list has now been completely revamped with priority given to authors I will see at the various panels and signings. Here’s my new list:

1. Beautiful Creatures– Southern Gothic YA amazingness right here!

2. The Marbury Lens– I enjoyed hearing Andrew Smith speak at a SBICA tea- I can’t wait to hear him speak again

3. Matched– I read this in December- I’d be skimming this before a panel with Allie Condie

4. Water for Elephants-reading this before the film of course!

I’m less than 200 pages from finishing Beautiful Creatures so I am fairly confident the rest will be read before the festival. I’ve decided I’d like a signed copy of Beautiful Darkness, so I won’t be pressing myself to read that before I go. I still have to get through the Penguin Fall 5, and 16 other books I picked up at the ALA mid-winter conference. I hope to spend another month scheduling books I previously abandoned, which I hate doing, but sometimes I deem it necessary.

Do you schedule your own reading? If so, do you meet your goals? I have a friend who always vows to read 100 books per year, she has come pretty close in recent years. I just want to read a variety of books but right now I am on a serious YA binge- it’s the fault of being an honorary Kid’s Lit girl hehe.


March Reading Recap

Hello! I am finally in a place to a bit of blogging…though nothing too regimented yet! I’ve been reading a lot and would like to share what I read in March!

1. The Hunger Games Trilogy I am beyond obsessed with this series now! I cannot believe I resisted and took so long to read it! I want the set with all three books in hardcover-badly

2. Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later – I waited months for this book and I enjoyed the campyness and the nostalgia

3. Wither– This is an amazing dystopian debut novel. I cannot wait for the second book out next Spring!

My goal in March was to read a book a week and I was pretty successful with that. I had been in a reading rut lately: not wanting to read, overwhelmed with what to read, not carving out enough time to read, etc., and I wanted to change that for March. I did start Across the Universe as well but I *gasp* abandoned it after 130 pages, more on why I did that later!

Did you have any reading goals? Did you meet them? Happy Reading everyone!