Iphone apps for the bibliophile, comic book lover, and writer types

To touch upon one of my first posts (Iphone apps for English Majors) that I have yet to update but will very soon I was forced to go through my iphone apps this morning. I say forced as I reached 10 and one half pages on my iphone sans folders, oops! So I finally caved in and decided to organize my apps into titled folders.

This is what my Books and Writing folder looks like:

Local Books





Grammar Girl



Barnes & Noble


For the Comic Book/Graphic Novel/Manga Lovers out there this is what my Comics Folder looks like:


Oz Manga 01

Alex Ross


The Umbrella Academy #1



Archie Freshman Year #01


I am sure that there are  some other great apps out there that I do not have and I am always lookng for new apps.  If you know of any that deal with writing specifically (especially concerning fiction or scansion), authors or series, and of course publishing please feel free to comment or post it on my Twitter.

When I have more time I’ll go into why I have the specific apps I posted and what I think about them; but for now a peek into my iphone folders will have to do 😉


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