Sweet Valley Confidential: A look at the cover!

I woke up and went online Wednesday morning and my day was MADE by seeing this on People.com: Sweet Valley Confidential: Ten Years Later Cover Revealed!. I have been a fan of the Sweet Valley series since Elementary School. I avidly read Sweet Valley Twins, Sweet Valley High, and Sweet Valley University series. I lived for the Historical Fiction of the families of Sweet Valley, as well as the Magna Editions and Thrillers. I saw news posted back in 2008 about a possible new SV book but had not heard much since. I somehow completely missed the website, Facebook and Twitter launches.

I went to Sweet Valley Ten Years Later and saw an excerpt online and promptly devoured it. My initial reaction was WOW! I’m actually reading SV again-awesome! I was intrigued by the passage, a little bummed that it focused solely on Elizabeth, and was stunned by the rift between her and Jess. I think that this excerpt will sate the hard-core SV fans until its March 29,2011 release date. I’m very excited to find out what happened to all the regulars and all the unexpected in between the pages.

Some bloggers and fans who read this excerpt when leaked in July expressed disdain and dismay for the passage. People have dismissed the writing style as too campy and that the Beyoncé/Timberlake references as ‘dated’. My response: Oh please, try to find a radio station that doesn’t have a song by one of them featured in heavy rotation…I dare you!  Others were not pleased that there were references to Elizabeth’s sex life. Personally the references were fleeting and not the entire focus of the chapter, not to mention she is a 26-year-old woman, get over it already! I too, was surprised that Liz and Bruce are BFF’s now and I wonder what on earth did Jess do now to make Elizabeth flee to NYC and be so angry at her? I guess we will all have to wait.

Now to address the actual article I found: The Cover. Shiny. Candied Apple Red. GORGEOUS. The circle/bubble(whichever you like) has a definite nod to the original covers that I grew up reading but has a fresh and modern look and feel. I was relieved to see the font stay the same as well. I was NOT a fan of the later SV titles with the cursive font and what not. This is the SV I know and love. I haven’t quite decided where I am going to preorder from, I only know I want to physically pick it up from a bookstore-sorry Amazon!

Immediately after reading the article, the excerpt, and squealing my head off, I alerted my friends who were SV fans as well. They are all just as excited as I am for the book, and perhaps there might be a book club meet-up in early April after we all get a chance to read this.

So, is your inner tween/teenager squealing for the return of the Wakefield Twins? Are you pining for news about Lila, Enid, Bruce, Todd, Winston, and many more familiar SV faces?Are you interested in seeing how the Dairi Burger fare is faring today? Leave your comments, questions, and predictions and look for my review of the book when it hits shelves in late March 2011!

PS: IF Francine Pascal makes an appearance at the LA Times Festival of Books this year I will explode in tweenie excitement!


Iphone apps for the bibliophile, comic book lover, and writer types

To touch upon one of my first posts (Iphone apps for English Majors) that I have yet to update but will very soon I was forced to go through my iphone apps this morning. I say forced as I reached 10 and one half pages on my iphone sans folders, oops! So I finally caved in and decided to organize my apps into titled folders.

This is what my Books and Writing folder looks like:

Local Books





Grammar Girl



Barnes & Noble


For the Comic Book/Graphic Novel/Manga Lovers out there this is what my Comics Folder looks like:


Oz Manga 01

Alex Ross


The Umbrella Academy #1



Archie Freshman Year #01


I am sure that there are  some other great apps out there that I do not have and I am always lookng for new apps.  If you know of any that deal with writing specifically (especially concerning fiction or scansion), authors or series, and of course publishing please feel free to comment or post it on my Twitter.

When I have more time I’ll go into why I have the specific apps I posted and what I think about them; but for now a peek into my iphone folders will have to do 😉