LA Times Festival of Books: James Owen Book Signing

After our first Panel ended we had about an hour and a half to tool around before getting ridiculously lost on our way to our second panel. My friend had heard that James Owen(Here There Be Dragons) was having a signing near the Target Children’s stage. We lined up and were third in waiting. It took a while between people waiting to have books signed and I decided that even though I had no clue who James Owen was, I wanted to buy his book. My friend and I ended up with the last two first-edition hardcover copies of Here There Be Dragons. It occurred to us that Mr. Owen not only politely engaged every fan, he was drawing a different dragon on the title page depending on the color and title of the book that the fan purchased! My friend and I stood up together and while he was signing our books and drawing our dragons we were able to talk to him about writing. He graciously showed us the mock-up cover for his fifth book coming out in October and showed us drawings inspired by the books that he was selling. My friend bought two of the drawings. I didn’t find one I wanted so I may look at his online gallery. Mr. Owen gave me some sound and positive advice about the writing process that I am grateful for. He also gave me background information on one of the characters in Here There Be Dragons after I  told him that both my friend and I had Master’s Degrees in Literature. His answer mesmerized me and I am so looking forward to reading the entire series now. James Owen is extremely pleasant and it was amazing to meet him and I hope to meet him again after having read the novels.


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