Hot Guys Reading Books Blog-Courtesy of EW’s Shelf Life Blog

As I have already stated, EW’s Shelf Life Blog is one of my favorite blogs for current events in publishing and literature. It’s no surprise that one of this week’s entries caught my eye. Apparently there is a blog with a topic that is very intriguing to me : Hot Guys Reading Books is a blog that features, what else, but photos submitted of guys reading books in various settings.

As an English major myself, obviously reading is not just a pastime, but a way of life. As a single woman, a guy who reads is incredibly attractive and also, sadly, uncharted waters for me. I don’t think I have ever dated a guy who was an avid reader. Sure there were the ones who faked that they read for pleasure in order to get to know me better. And there were the guys ones made bad jokes about literary works or used cheesy literary pickup lines to try to “hook me”.  There’s also the “once a year when I’m travelling I read something that isn’t Playboy” guy.  I remember that my ex-boyfriend actually purchased Beowulf after I suggested it because he claims he wanted to read a really good epic with war and monsters; I think he returned it the next day, and it was the Seamus Heaney translation too, oh well!

I don’t mean to come off as an erudite elitist snob  but for me, a guy who uses his brain because he wants to, not merely because he needs to is a huge attraction.  A guy who reads looks at life differently, analyzes the world differently, opens his mind and heart to things in a more engaging manner. This isn’t to say that those guys who do not read lack these skills, they are just in a different league, that’s all. And I could mention a little something about being honest in presenting yourself but that would be tangential. Okay enough apologizing/attempting to justify my own thoughts. Moving on…

I’m not sure what the purpose of the blog is other than some harmless fun, but I am wondering if people, mainly males, will take offense at being labeled a “hot” guy who reads and will find it objective in some way. Personally, while some of the males featured are mildly physically attractive, I find that I’m more into the books they are reading then the guys themselves. Note to Ms. Rense- Can we get  a description of the book titles featured in the pictures? I’m drooling over book titles I cannot see very well!

Update: I read over the FAQ’s on the blog and the premise of the blog is for entertainment purposes and to show that there guys in the world that do read and are attractive. I agree with her statement that in academia there are not a lot of male English majors compared to the plethora of female English majors. Ms. Rense seems to handle the blog’s purpose very well in this section and if you find this blog offensive please peruse it before you cast a final judgement. Ms. Rense and I are in complete agreement when she states that she “wanted to show how sexy it is when men read books”. In  my opinion, there is nothing sexier!

So what do you think about Hot Guys Reading Books? Are the guys hot? Or not? Is this sexist? Just plain fun? Or just plain AWESOME? I’m particularly curious to see what a male English major thinks of this blog….hopefully I’ll get some feedback. Happy reading everyone!


3 thoughts on “Hot Guys Reading Books Blog-Courtesy of EW’s Shelf Life Blog

  1. AB says:

    I’m totally into dudes who know how to read.

  2. JA says:

    Bellicose Black, if you are in search of hot guys reading books more power to you. I think you might be a bit ambitious myself. How about just looking for guys that can read–period. Preadventure you do search the globe for hot males that can read, will you find fifty? Forty? Thirty-five?

  3. Kira Hall says:

    There is something so sexy about a man reading a book for pleasure. Not only does it expand one’s mind and open it to new ways of thinking about the world, it increases human understanding. Plus there is nothing better than discussing a book you are passionate about with a man you are passionate about!

    I have confessed to you that most of my crushes have been my literature professors. Now you know why!

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