The Proposal Film Review

The Proposal has fast become one of my favorite movies ever. I was reticent to see it as it looked like just another ‘cookie-cutter’ rom-com movie but when I actually went and saw the movie my opinion completely changed.

From the first scene where Margaret Tate sweats it out on a recumbent bike while pouring over a manuscript-I was hooked! I can barely manage to push buttons on my iPod when I’m on a cardio machine so more power to her! I felt that this was a pretty good(if over glamorized at some points) look into the job of a book editor. I’m sure not all book editors are either a)satanic tyrants or b)inept and philandering but I had not seen a film that focused on publishing in any way so this intrigued me.

Margaret Tate and I share a favorite book, which I will be re-reading momentarily but I don’t usually read the same book at Christmas time. I do, however, read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow every Halloween.

Though much of the movie deals with foibles and romance I really savored every scene at Golden Books. I wonder how hard it is to ascend to the point where you can be a book editor?  What education you need? What experience is necessary? I would be happy with Andrew’s job as an assistant to be quite honest. As long as I could read and discover new writers that would be heaven for me.

So thank you, screenwriter, producers, and director of The Proposal for bringing publishing to the big screen, even if it was just for a handful of scenes.


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