And….I’m Back!

I apologize for launching and promptly suspending my blog but I hope you will still stop by! I just finished the most intense experience with literature ever and I truly believe that this experience  has made me a better literature major because of it. Not only have I read works of literature that I otherwise would not have been exposed to, it has also allowed me connections with dear wonderful intellectual minds that I am so thankful for as well, and I will truly miss our weekly meetings.

With that said and  that loose end tied up, I am back to blogging! I have tons of book reviews to write, articles and fun things to comment on and many, many writing projects to allude to and discuss my process and progress with them.

It’s going to be a busy blogging summer here at BBCB(yay alliteration-my favorite) so stay tuned!

And yes I really DID go to the LA Times Festival of Books and I will blog about it(one month later is better than never), look for those blogs to trickle in this week.

Thanks for waiting and…

Happy Reading!


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