EW Shelf Life’s Interview with Ann M. Martin

I must start out by saying that I really like EW\’s Shelf Life Blog, it is full with breaking popular literature and publishing information. Today’s post is one that pulls at my literary heartstrings. I grew up reading The Babysitter’s Club series and happily swapped editions back and forth with my dear friend whom I grew up with. Twenty-something years after we were awkward nine-year olds with retainers and a penchant for spending our allowances on books we still reminisce on the literature of our past.

When I came across this article on today’s edition of the Shelf Life Blog I couldn’t help it but to think back to that time in our lives and smile. Although I have not seen my BSC books in quite some time(they now reside in boxes in my garage) I am really interested in the prequel Ann M. Martin has penned. I was so grateful to the interviewer, Catherine Garcia for asking Ann where she sees her characters now. I can only hope that one day she might be prodded by the upcoming Sweet Valley Confidential book to jump ahead in time and revisit her old Stoneybrook cronies.

Who doesn’t want to know if Stacey became a fashion designer or if Claudia has her own art gallery?  I’m a little put off by her indifference to Dawn Schafer and Jessi, who I thought were just as integral to the cast of sitters.

I was pleased to read that Ms. Martin and I seem to have the same literary taste: the Thirteenth Tale, Stieg Larsson. I have not heard of Olive Kitteridge but I will soon google that.

Ah nostalgia…this one article made me long for Waldenbooks on a Friday afternoon and clutching three dollars and wondering if I should get the latest Sweet Valley High book or The Babysitters Club book. Either way my voracious literary appetite was sated.


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