I have some exciting news today- I just joined SCBWI! Prior to October/November I had not heard of the organization. I talked to my current boss as my boss knows I am an aspriring writer and it turns out she is too! My boss has suggested to me several times that I should join SCBWI as I do have several picture book manuscripts and one YA partial manuscript started. She graciously let me look her her March/April newsletter and I was really intrigued by the content and that solidified my decision to join. I finally managed to have the money for the dues and here I am!

In the twenty minutes or so since I’ve joined I have already learned the answer to one of my burning questions: how to format a manuscript! I will be adapting all of my picture book texts to follow industry guidelines asap!

I’m very pleased as this is the first professional organization that I have joined and I feel that this is a good step for me in my quest for a career in publishing and as an aspiring writer.

I plan on writing more picture book manuscripts this summer and hopefully finding a critique group soon! I’ll blog more about that as I have content and news about both topics!

Cheers and Happy April Fool’s Day!


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