More Gorgeous Penguin Classics Hardcovers!

I saw this on The Millions Blog the other day and I just had to blog about it. If you remember my previous post on the Penguins Classics Hardcovers you should remember how obsessed I am with them! Great news-there are more hardcovers coming! The Millions Blog announced in a post entitled Hardcover Beauties that there are many more classics to come including Alice of Wonderland, Little Women, and Oliver Twist to name a few. Here is the direct Amazon Link.  Something tells me I am going to be book poor this summer(but what else is new?)


Where am I?

Hello there,

It has been awhile, hasn’t it? I apologize for that. I have been insanely busy since I last blogged. I am currently consumed with tying up loose ends, working, and plotting the next steps of my professional, creative, and academic lives. It’s my fervent wish that you stay tuned as I will be posting new content closer to the end of the month and will resume blogging full-time in mid-late May.

Here is a taste of what is to come on BBCB:

1. Book reviews(tons and tons and tons of  them- I’ve been reading my brains out!)

2. Following the steps of my summer project with a dear friend: reading, writing, and researching(oh my!) for our very first article on literary criticism.

3. Follow my to-be-resumed job search for employment in publishing.

4. Literary Festivals, road trips, etc.

5. delving back into writing and fleshing out numerous projects.

6. All fascinating news relevant to literature which includes ties to film, technology, and whatever else comes to mind.

I hope this all interests you and that you will stop on by as I slowly get more time to resume blogging. In the meantime I am always tweeting, follow me at: @bellicoseblkcat