Sherlock Holmes Film Review

I apologize for the hiatus in posts. I’ve been ill for the past two weeks. During that time I did start reading Philippa Gregory’s The Other Queen and I went to see Guy Ritchie’s Sherlock Holmes. Ritchie took the much beloved detective and created a fresh new spin on the character. As to my knowledge this movie is not based on any on the novels or short stories but the tale is very intriguing nonetheless. Robert Downey, Jr. is cast as Holmes in a role that it seems fits him like a glove. This Holmes is cunning and exasperating, witty and astute but has enough flaws to make him a rounded and interesting character. Jude Law plays the straight-laced Dr. Watson who secretly thirsts for more adventure with Holmes even though he protests to be done as his partner. Many will note that this is not the bumbling Watson of prior adaptations. Law’s Watson is smart, rational, and an equal partner in all pursuits.

Ritchie’s avant guard and sometimes gratuitous grotesqueness in his filmmaking is evident here but he crafts a wonderfully researched and complex tale that involves a secret order of men and dark magic. The stop action/reviewing of prior or probable events got a little weary the third time it was presented but the logic behind the editing was clearly able to be followed.

The casting was fabulous and the plot(forgive me I am being purposely vague for those reading this that may not have seen it) was action filled and one of the most intellectually sound action films I’ve ever seen. Astute observation is a quality that is much lost these days where people are too besotted with technology and multitasking to see what is going on around them. This Sherlock engages you, makes you think and leaves enough of a clue in front of you not to piece it all together neatly but to set you up for the next turn of the plot. The end leaves enough material inviting a sequel that is currently under consideration. THis is film that both sexes can enjoy whether you are intellectual or less inclined to literary pursuits. Sherlock Holmes has procured a place on my DVD shelf awaiting its release. A must see!


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