What’s in a name?

“That which we call a rose/By any other word would smell as sweet;/” Romeo and Juliet (II, ii, 43-44).

Yes, I do realize that the above quote is a very clichéd way to start a blog, but welcome to my blog nonetheless. I start off with this instantly recognizable quote from Shakespeare for two reasons: One because this is first and foremost a blog on literature and the craft of creative writing, and secondly to explain why I chose it.

One: This blog will explore literature in its many genres. It will feature book reviews, literary character profiles, a section on creative writing, a section on my process as a writer and what I am working on, news about the publishing industry, literature in academia, teaching literature, literary travels, and guest reviews/posts. I will try to cover something from the main genres at all times but forgive me if adult fiction is heavily featured in consideration of other genres.

Two: I chose this name because I love alliteration, though I fully realize that there are only two b sounding words and not three. I also chose this because once upon a time (this will be the last cliché for a while, I promise!) my first cat was indeed a black cat who was very amusing and if someone had to use only one word to describe him, it would definitely be bellicose!

So with that banal introduction I welcome you to my blog once more and hopefully you, my reader will find a plethora of intellectually stimulating content to come.

Til then,

Lady Bellicose Black Cat


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