Inspiration from a fellow blogger

I just finished watching Julie & Julia. It was given to me by my aunt and uncle for Christmas. I was happy to receive it as I somehow missed seeing it in the theatres. Let me note right here that I am not a cook, if anything I can be classified as a baker. Nor have I read Julie Powell’s book based on her blog and cooking challenge. What unfolded was a lovely juxtaposed and paralled story of the two women. I really admire Julia’s willfulness to cook in an arena in which women were not taken seriously, at least as the movie depicted. I also really admire Julie’s quest to change her dreary groundhog day-esque existence with the challenge of mastering Julia’s book and the blogosphere at the same time. As I begin blogging for the first time I can’t help but wonder the following things:

Will anyone read this? Will they find it engaging? Or will it be cast off as drivel?
If anyone reads this will they comment? Can discussions be had over the content I will try to produce?
Could anything come of this? I hate to be completely unrealistic or be narcissistic but it is my dream to be a writer and an editor and frankly that is one of my biggest goals for 2010 is to immerse myself more in the art and craft of each.

I just hope that something on my blog might resonate with someone. I’m blogging to make people think, to maybe inspire, and to educate. If I can achieve that then I will be content with my blogging efforts.

As to posing a challenge for myself much like Ms. Powell attemped…that is a very cheeky and interesting thing she did…if I can find something half as challenging I may pursue something myself. But one could argue that this blog is a challenge in and of itself and there isn’t a need for a second one.

May we all have a productive and hopeful New Year!



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